Metronidazole 500mg tablets

Metronidazole 500mg tablets are a form of anti-protozoal antibiotic which is administered to treat a wide range of infections and inflammations in the body. The drug is in the list of essentials of the World Health Organization and is affordable. The pills are prescription drugs. Metronidazole tablets are the simplest and the most convenient way of treatment. You can take your treatment wherever you are and without additional assistance unlike Metronidazole in gel or intravenous injections of the medicine. From this review you will find out what diseases treat the tablets of Metronidazole of 500mg, how to take the pills and what to avoid during treatment.

What diseases do Metronidazole 500mg tablets treat?

Metronidazole is a wide spectrum drug administered to treat infections and inflammations in various body parts including teeth, bones and brain. The medicine is specifically effective for treatment of abdominal and gastro infections caused with Helicobacter Pylori. The medicine is also administered as key or supplementary treatment of urinary tract, vaginal and sexually transmitted diseases as trichomoniasis.

Another reason the Metronidazole is administered to patients is prevention of possible infections after surgeries.

Metronidazole is commonly a safe drug unless the dosage or intake frequency is violated.

How to find your perfect dosage of Metronidazole?

Metronidazole comes in pills of various dosages. You can buy Metronidazole in tablets of 500mg and 250mg. Tablets of 500mg are produced in oval shape, while the 250mg pills are produced in round shape. The colour of pills is commonly white or yellowish.

Mind that there are capsules which come in intermediate dosage of 375mg. The capsules are of green and grey and yellow colour.

Metronidazole is a key component of the brand drug named Flagyl. You can buy as generic Metronidazole or branded Flagyl. If you choose brand drug, then it comes in oval and round pills of the same dosages 250 and 500m, however they are coloured blue.

Warning! Only your doctor may decide on the optimum dosage for your individual case. The data needed for exact dosage prescription are as follows:

  • type of bacteria
  • scale of body contamination
  • severity of symptoms
  • age of a patient
  • body weight
  • allergies
  • chronic diseases
  • recent conditions
  • drugs taking regularly or occasionally.

Metronidazole pills and capsules are not available over the counter in offline drug stores in countries with strict drug policy (as USA, Canada, UK, Australia). However you can buy the drug without prescription online.

When to use Metronidazole 500mg tablets?

The maximum dosages of Metronidazole are administered to treat acute cases of infections and diseases complicated with bacterial and protozoal invasions.

For acute infections presented with severe unbearable symptoms Metronidazole is administered in maximum one time dosage of 2g which is equivalent of 4 tablets of 500mg.

The next dosages are reduced to 500mg twice a day. Dosages of 500mg are not for children under 10 years old.

Mind! You must not give Metronidazole 500mg pills to kids of any age without prior seeing a doctor.

Metronidazole features ultimate anti-inflammatiry effect. It relieves the conditions and symptoms immediately especially if taken in maximum one-time dosage. However the drug must be taken to the end of the course, no matter how well you feel. Read carefully the next section to find out how to take the tablets of Metronidazole correctly.

How to take Metronidazole correctly?

Metronidazole works by interfering into the DNA of micro-organisms  and preventing the DNAs from replicating thus making the further growth and spreading of bacterial or protozoal infection. To clear out the infection from your body properly, Metronidazole needs time. You will not recover if you take the one time maximum dosage. To ensure treatment success be sure you take the drug in required dosage for a necessary period of time.

The minimal period of treatment of acute infections with severe symptoms is 7 days.

The minimal period of treatment of non-acute infections is 3 days.

Metronidazole must be taken in even intervals of time, that is why we recommend to make it a habit or to set a notification on your smartphone to alarm you on time to take the next dosage.

Tablets are the most convenient way of treatment. You can take a pill at any time and at any place unlike gel, cream or intravenous injections.

Some patients report severe side effects on Metronidazole 500mg tablets as severe headache, metallic taste in the mouth, stomach cramps.

Doctors do not recommend to use pain killers to relieve stomach cramps. The best way to cope with this side effect is to take pills during eating or with small amount of food.

Metallic taste is much harder to eliminate.

Headache is a symptom which is easily controlled with an amount of water you consume daily. The research of patients’ reports and reviews revealed that those patients drinking more water report headache as a side effect of Metronidazole less frequently than those consuming less water per day.

Why medical supervision is a must during Metronidazole 500mg tablets?

The 500mg dosage is a maximum for long term usage for a single intake. Though being the most effective for the severest diseases, still this dosage performs the highest risk of side effects and the highest risk of termination of the treatment due to to severity of side effects.

That is why it is strongly recommended to keep in touch with your doctor and to report any severe conditions you relate to the intake of the drug. In this case you will get treatment correction immediately. Your doctor may reduce the dosage or frequency of intakes.

Please, do not manage your treatment on your own. Reduction of dosage or frequency of intakes compromises the efficacy of treatment. The greatest risk of cure termination, under-dosing or overdosing is that the infection may turn resistant to the action of medicine and your case will require more complex approach.

To ensure ultimate effect of treatment we recommend to get in advance the pills of Metronidazole in dosages of 500mg and 250mg to be able to fast switch to a lower or higher dosage in case of urgency.