Did you know that Flagyl is treating the post-operational complications?

Flagyl is a very well absorbed medication (80% is absorbed during one hour). Taking meals is not affecting the effectiveness of the drug. Bio-availability of Flagyl is nearly 100%.

After taking the 500mg dose of the medication, plasma concentration in 1 hour will be 10 mkg per 1 ml and in 3 hours it will reach 13,5 mkg/ml. The connection of the medication with blood proteins is not very deep, usually not more that 10-20 %. Flagyl’s active element, metronidazole, is quickly penetrating into the tissues. Nearly 30-60 percent of Flagyl is metabolized in the following ways: hydroxylation, oxidation, and glucuronidation. The main metabolite is 2-oxymetronidazole, which provides anti-protozoal anti-bacterial effect.
Elimination of 40-70 % of Flagyl is carried out through kidneys, 35% of it in the immutable form. That’s why the patients with badly functioning kidneys may have accumulation of metronidazole in blood whey.

Flagyl in the same way like disulphirame, develops the intolerance to ethanol. If using ethanol containing drugs or alcohol during Flagyl treatment, it may cause fever, vomiting, tachycardia, headache, blood flow to the head and face, etc.
This medication is not prescribed to children younger than 10 years, to pregnant women and to women during the lactation period.
Flagyl is widely used for treating the post-operation complications, especially in cases of surgery of pararectal zone, gynecological operations, and surgery of colon. It is better to avoid the long-term treatment. If it is prescribed by the doctor to take Flagyl for the long term, it is usually recommended to control the hematological indicators and to fix all the side effects connected with peripheral and central neuropathy (like ataxia, vertigo, spasms), in case of such effects the treatment is usually stopped.

In cases of treatment trichomonal vaginitis among the female patients and trichomonad uretritis among men, it is usually recommended to avoid sexual activity. It is necessary that both of the sexual partners should be getting treatment. The treatment is not terminated during the menstruation period. After trichomoniasis treatment it is advised to go through the control testing during the three cycles before and after menstruation. One should keep in mind that metronidazole may immobilize treponemas, which may lead to the false-positive Nelson test result.
Taking into account the character of the side-effects (vertigo, vision problems), it is recommended to avoid driving vehicles and any other potentially dangerous activities, which demand high concentration and quickness of psychomotor reactions.
Flagyl is available in 250 mg covered tablets, 10 tablets in blister, 2 blisters in cardboard package.

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