What You Should Know About Flagyl Dosage

Flagyl is an antibiotic which fights bacteria living in your body. The other name of Flagyl is Metronidazole. It treats vaginal, skin, stomach, respiratory tract bacterial infections and bacterial infections in joints.
If you started taking Flagyl, keep on taking it for the whole treating period of time, just like your personal doctor prescribed you. The symptoms you have will improve before complete treatment of the infection.

You’d better not skip the doses as it can increase the risk to get another infection which is antibiotics resistant. Flu or common cold will not be treated with Flagyl as they are viral and not bacterial infections.

Never take Flagyl during those days when you are drinking alcohol and keep not drinking it about three days after you stop using the medication. If you don’t do it, you may feel such side effects as redness under your skin, fast heartbeats, tingly feeling, vomiting and nausea.

When you start taking Metronidazole be careful to use it exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Never take Flagyl in smaller or larger doses or for longer period then it was prescribed. You should always carefully follow all the directions on your label of prescriptions.

So how should you take Flagyl? You take the extended-release Flagyl pill on an empty stomach. Take the medication one hour before or at least two hours after having a meal. You should not chew, break or crush a tablet, just swallow the whole pill. The point is when you break a tablet, the drug releases in a very big quantity at a time.

You should have your blood tested quite often in order to be aware of if the drug is causing or not causing harmful effect on your organism. The function of your liver should also be tested. And don’t forget to see your doctor regularly.

If you miss a dose of Flagyl, try to take it as soon as is possible in your situation. But if it is the time to take your next dose, you should skip the missed one. But never take two doses to make up the one you have missed. If you overdose, look for medical attention in the shortest possible time. The most visible symptoms of overdose are vomiting, nausea, dizziness, loss of coordination or balance, tingling, numbness or convulsions.

While using Flagyl you should avoid drinking alcohol and then not use it for three days after you stop using it. Otherwise, you will have the following side effects: tingly feeling, nausea, redness or warmth under your skin and vomiting.