Kill bacteria and parasitic caused infection with the help of Flagyl

Flagyl (metronidazole) is an oral antibiotic, containing 250 or 500 mg of metronidazole. This drug is used in treatments against anaerobic bacteria and parasites. Metronidazole is affecting the selective cells of the bacteria which lead to its death. Flagyl is effective in treatment of any kind of bacterial infections in vagina, respiratory organs, stomach, skin, bones, and joints. In order to prevent the development of drug-resistance of bacteria it is strongly recommended that Flagyl is used only to treat the proven bacteria caused infections. This medication is not treating common influenza or cold.

The main diseases to be treated by Flagyl are: parasitic infections such as Giardia, amebic infections of liver and intestine, trichomonas vaginal infections, colon bacterial infections, abscesses of brain, liver, dysentery, etc. Flagyl can be used together with other antibiotics or alone in treating abscesses.

Using alcohol, even couple of days after the Flagyl treatment is finished, can cause strong stomach colic, vomiting, headache. You should follow the prescription and be aware that the period of treatment has to be completed. Inform you doctor of any kind of diseases that you have, especially connected with liver, nervous system, blood. You should be aware that even inactive ingredients of the drug can cause allergic reactions, so it is better to inform your therapist if you are allergic to any medication.

The strong side-effects of Flagyl that require emergency reporting can be the following: seizures, pain when urinating, stupor of legs and hands, fever. But in most cases Flagyl does not provoke the strong side-effects, as it is the high value antibiotic. The most common side effects are usually: metal taste in the mouth, low appetite, headache, sometimes nausea.

Flagyl can be taken with or without food. For patients with liver problems doses of Flagyl have to be decreased to avoid overdose, as liver is responsible for metronidazole removal from the body. Flagyl ER (extended release) tablets should be taken with empty stomach. It is important to swallow them whole without chewing to avoid immediate interfering of big amount of medication at one time. To protect yourself from possible harmful effects of this drug go through blood test. In cases that you have diarrhea as the side effect it is recommended to report your doctor, but not to use anti-diarrhea pills if not prescribed. In case you have blood or watery diarrhea you should inform your doctor and stop taking the medication. Metronidazole may increase the warfarin action of blood thinning. Amprenavir which is used in HIV related cases of infections should not be used together with Flagyl as it may lead to kidney malfunction.

Inform your doctor about pregnancy or your plans to be pregnant. Flagyl is not used on early stages of pregnancy. For nursing mothers it is important to know that Metronidazole may harm baby through the breast milk.

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