Flagyl uses

Flagyl is a wide spectrum antibiotic and anti-protozoal drug with a large variety of usages. Flagyl is a branded drug with a key component named Metronidazole. It treats infections, inflammations and complications caused with susceptible types of bacteria and protozoa which either coexist with human body but are suppressed by the immune system (in this case we experience the outburst of infection during immune stress or seasonal decrease in immunity) or in case of invasion of the body with a strange strain of protozoa or bacteria with which the immune system does not “know” how to cope.

Flagyl is a potent agent to suppress the diseases effectively and to help immune system to clear the infection out of the body. From this review you will find out which Flagyl uses are the most popular and how to get maximum effect from Metronidazole treatment.

#1 of Flagyl uses: bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a condition caused with a change in vaginal flora. The condition is considered to be abnormal and requiring immediate treatment. If left untreated and neglected, the condition may cause severe complications from moving of the infection to other body parts to female and male infertility.

This abnormal vaginal condition is easy to diagnose without specific lab tests. It is characterized with increased vaginal discharge which is a result of invasion or burst of atypical bacteria. The top common reasons of development of bacterial vaginosys requiring Flagyl treatment is unprotected sexual intercourses with an infected partner. Cases of non-sexual contamination are extremely rare but possible.

That is why we recommend you to be extremely careful in public places suggesting close contact of genital area with surfaces of public usage as seats in mass transport, gym benches and showers, swimming pool facilities. Avoid direct contacts with seat surfaces in public places and always use individual towel in gyms and swimming pool to protect the seat surface.

Bacterial vaginosis is not a life threatening disease. This condition causes careless attitude of patients towards the disease.

However bacterial vaginosis is a very cunning disease. It performs symptoms which are similar to the symptoms of other (less or more dangerous) infections as yeast infection (not treated with Flagyl), trichomoniasis (another top factor of Flagyl uses), non-infectious irritation, chlamydia and others.

Top condition distinguishing the bacterial vagiosis from all other diseases is vaginal order. For example, yeast infection does not feature such a strong smell. The character of discharge is also different.

Another disease which is important to differentiate bacterial vaginosis from is gonorrhea (not susceptible to Flagyl action). Unfortunately, you will not be able to diagnose and distinguish these diseases at home.

Bacterial vaginosis requires complex treatment approach considering oral and vaginal route of administration. You can buy Flagyl in pills and Metronidazole gel to ensure local topical effect. The drug possesses potent anti-inflammatory effect and relieves the symptoms immediately. Patients commonly report ease of symptoms right after the first dosage of gel. Pills take longer time to perform necessary relieving effect.

Bacterial vaginosis is an extremely dangerous condition during pregnancy as it poses immense threat to an unborn baby in the uterus. Many women think that a baby has the immunity from all the diseases a mother have ever experienced. This is one of the greatest myths making the treatment of bacterial vaginosis very hard.

The algorithm of diagnostics of bacterial vaginosis at home

Before you will buy Flagyl or Metronidazole to start treatment, you must be sure you have bacterial vaginosis and not another infection causing the same inflammation in your body. To suspect bacterial vaginosis (or another name vaginitis) you have to monitor:

  • the amount of vaginal discharge – rapid increase in vaginal discharge is a symptom of unwanted bacterial (flora) changes in vagina;
  • vaginal discharge rapidly change the structure and colour – while in healthy women the discharge is thick and white to yellow, in women with abnormal vaginal flora the discharge becomes thinner and more watery with change of colour varying from yellow to grey;
  • sudden change in the ordor – healthy flora in vagina commonly does not produce any smell, vaginitis is characterized with unpleasant fishy ordor;
  • discomfort during average procedures as washing, daily car, tampon insertions, sexual intercourses;
  • painful or burning urination
  • burning, itching, redness of genital area.

Additional factors to consider are:

  • sexual infections in the past (especially those which did not get normal and complex treatment or which you did not test additionally after the end of the treatment)
  • new sexual partner
  • multiple sexual partners at the moment or in the past.

Mind that having bacterial vaginosis with the same partner does not mean infidelity. Your immune system is able to suppress the disease for a long period of time. However immune decreases cause favourable conditions for latent bacterial infections to outbreak.

Why to treat bacterial vaginosis?

This unpleasant condition is one of the top Flagyl uses. Statistics says that up to 1/3 of cases of bacterial vaginosis pass untreated and patients recover on their own. However in such a case risks are extremely high that the disease will burst out again right after your immune system will fail.

Bacterial vaginosis is dangerous due to spreading to Fallopian tubes and causing tubal and ovarian inflammations. These are the key reasons of female infertility. This also passes the condition into chronic state.

Timely started treatment ensures fast recovery and safety for the health of your partner and yours. Flagyl uses consider treatment of both partners. While a woman having symptoms must get oral and vaginal routes of administration, the male partner can take the drug orally only.

Why it is important to take Flagyl under medical supervision?

Flagyl is a well tolerable drug, however it can cause minor unpleasant side effects. You must not take any other drug to suppress side effects caused with Flagyl.

For example. Stomach craps must not be suppressed with pain killers. Experiencing bothersome side effects, please, contact your doctor s soon as possible, before you take the next dosage.