Flagyl dosage

Flagyl is an anti-protozoal antibiotic which is produced by Pfizer – the world’s leading drug researcher and manufacturer. Drugs produced by this pharmaceutical company are of the highest quality and pharma grade. Due to extensive research and testing Pfizer offers the best and the top effective drugs to the market. Flagyl is a brand name of Metronidazole which treats a range of infections, inflammations and complications caused with bacteria and protozoa. For proper treatment of infections you need to choose an optimum Flagyl dosage.

Why you need information on Flagyl dosage

We used to trust doctors in matters of prescription and treatment of infections and dangerous diseases. Especially of those which are contagious and dangerous to other people. When such an infection is diagnosed in a patient he or she loses control and temper. The only immediate desire is to get rid of a disease.

However doctors can also mistake and prescribe increased Flagyl dosage to secure patients and themselves from complications of the disease. But in most cases such a choice of treatment approach commonly cause complications as increased dosages of Flagyl can harm liver, kidneys and pancreas. From this review you will find out which dosages of Flagyl are required for treatment of bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis and other protozoa caused diseases.

Which diseases does Flagyl treat?

One of the key disease Flagyl is administered to treat is symptomatic trichomoniasis which is proved and diagnosed with lab tests and visual examination. The disease hits men and women and  requires immediate treatment actions.

The drug is also administered to treat asymptomatic trichomoniasis. The condition is more characteristic for women as performs symptoms which are much similar to various erosions, cervicitis and endocervicitis. If a woman has inflammations or certain changes of cervix, then visual diagnostics of trichomoniasis is impossible and  additional tests are needed to exactly check whether the flora contains pathogenic protozoa or bacteria.

The drug is also prescribed to sexual partners with complete absence of symptoms and who are not proved to have the disease with blood tests and smears. This is a necessary condition to protect yourself from the repeat infection. Protozoa and bacteria commonly take time to present visual symptoms. Asymptomatic form of trichomoniasis is one of the most dangerous types of infections. Sexual partners with asymptomatic flow of the disease commonly require lower dosages of Flagyl than patients with evident symptomatic presence.

The next condition covered with Flagyl is amebiasis – a disease caused with the protozoa and commonly hitting the intestine of a patient. The prorozoa can cause liver abscess. Flagyl is one of the few drugs which do not necessitate to drain pus from the abscess.

Flagyl is also effective against anaerobic bacterial infections of:

  • abdomen
  • skin and skin structures
  • pelvic infections
  • gynecological infections and complicated conditions including endometritis, tubal abscess, ovarian inflammations
  • bacterial septicemia
  • infections and inflammations of bones, bone tissues and joints
  • respiratory tract infections including lungs
  • bacterial infections of heart and vessels.

Each of the listed diseases and conditions requires individual approach and specific dosage of Flagyl. The next section of this review will explain which dosages are required to treat top dangerous infections in men and women.

Which dosages of Flagyl treat trichomoniasis?

For acute trichomoniasis a one time dosage of Flagyl of 2g is prescribed. The dosage must be taken in one day. To avoid unwanted side effects you can split the dosage into two equal parts. But the main condition is to take both dosages at the same day. Watch the interval between intakes. It must not exceed 12 hours. 2g dosage is 4 pills of 500mg.

For moderately symptom trichomoniasis women are recommended a 7 days treatment with 250mg of Flagyl dosage taken three times per day. For a complete treatment course you will need 21 pills.

A patient must be controlled and monitored by a doctor with smears and blood tests to track the efficiency of treatment. Some patients turn out to present no response to treatment with 250mg of Flagyl and are prescribed 500mg 2 times a day. That is why we recommend purchasing Flagyl pills of 250mg as such a dosage will let easily shift to a higher one. Unlike the 500mg pills which are not recommended to be split as you will never get an exact dosage in a half of the pill.

One time dosage is recommended to those patients who are unlikely to strictly follow the 7 day treatment course.

Pregnant women must not take Flagyl during the first trimester of pregnancy as the drug may harm an unborn baby.

Warning! There are cases when doctor may decide to administer Flagyl during the first trimester of pregnancy when the risks of infection spreading and harming the baby and mother.

How to treat amebiasis with Flagyl?

Amebiasis requires higher dosages of Flagyl for a longer period of time. This protozoa disease is not susceptible to one time impact of the drug. It is recommended (by Pfizer) to start a 10-day treatment course with 250mg dosage of Flagyl taken three times per day.

The dosage of Flagyl is calculatd by formula:

7,5mg of the drug per each body kilogram

This equals into 500mg of Flagyl for a 70kg patient for a one time intake according to Pfizer specification.

What Flagyl dosages are available?

Flagyl is supplied to the market in different dosages:

  • 250mg – blue and round shaped film coated pills coming in bottles of 50 and 100 tablets
  • 500mg – the same blue coloured round shape pills which are film coated and coming in bottles of 50 and 100 tablets.

On one side of the pill you will find the inscription of dosage 250 and 500, on the other side you will see an inscription Pfizer.

Flagyl is available in other forms: intravenous injections and capsules. You can buy Flagyl without prescription from an online drug store or get prescription from your doctor and buy Flagyl in your local drug store. Mind, that visiting a doctor and getting tests done ensure successful and effective treatment.