Cheap Flagyl

Cheap Flagyl is the best option for treatment of a wide range of bacterial infections of urinary tract and vagina. These are very cunning diseases as they commonly perform very innocent looking symptoms. Flagyl is a safe and effective antibiotic and anti-protozoal drug which is able with only one dosage to recover a patient from such scary disease as trichomoniasis. From this review you will find out how to get cheap Flagyl and how to save time, health and cost on treatment of “unpleasant” symptoms and diseases.

How to get prescription for Flagyl?

Bad news. Flagyl is a prescription drug which requires thorough visual examination, symptom tracking, smears and blood tests. After your doctor will get all the proofs of your condition you will then be prescribed the drug. Other facts which your doctor will consider is your age, previous sexually transmitted diseases, chronic conditions (especially of liver, kidneys, pancreas, heart and brain) as well as your sex (women can be prescribed both pills or intravenous injections with Metronidazole intravaginal gel) and weight as Flagyl is prescribed based on 7,5mg of the active ingredient of Flagyl (which is Metronidazole) per every kilogram of body mass.

The second fact you must consider is that Flagyl is produced by Pfizer. And what is produced by Pfizer is expensive as the company invests not only in ingredients and production of the drug, but in market research, pharmaceutical research and extensive tests of the drugs prior to their supply to the market.

Good news is that for treatment of the most bothersoem diseases as trichomoniasis (symptomatic and asymptomatic in men and in women) only one dosage of Flagyl is enough.

How much of Flagyl do I need for treatment?

Different conditions require different dosages and treatment schemes of Flagyl. For example, if you need to stop and seize acute symptoms of trichomoniasis (burning, itching, redness, dryness, vaginal discomfort, discharge, pain), then you can try 2g of Falgyl as a one time dosage.

For treatment of moderately presented diseases Pfizer recommends to take 250mg of Flagyl 3 times a day for 7-10 days.

If you need to treat an infection in hard tissues as bones and teeth, the treatment should consider other medicines relieving symptoms as inflamed tooth or bone tissues cause immense pain and inflammation in nearby tissues and areas. Some patients require additional pain killers and symptom relievers.

Though there are recommended dosages of Flagyl (Pfizer instruction) still only  doctor can prescribe you an effective way of taking the drug.

Flagyl is badly tolerable. In over 83% of cases the drug causes side effects and requires dosage management. That is why before buying your first box of pills (original Flagyl comes in bottles of 50 and 100 pills). Larger dosages of Flagyl are more probale to develop side effects.

How to save on Flagyl?

There are three ways to save on Flagyl and to get successfully recovered from very unpleasant intimate diseases.

#1. Visit a doctor and get direct recommendations on usage of Flagyl

Direct recommendations and step by step instructions will save your time and health. Strictly keeping to the recommendations you will not overuse the pills and will not misuse Flagyl for treatment of the diseases caused with resistant micro-organisms. As the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, yeast infection at the beginning of the disease are very similar and taking  wrong drug will worsen your health condition and will waste your money.

Visiting a doctor will prove that you have a disease which certainly susceptible to the action of the drug.

#2 buyinh cheap Flagyl online

Online drug stores sell pills much cheaper than offline pharmacies. However purchasing Flagyl online riskis are very high that you will get a fake drug. Please, keep in mind the next instructions on how to choose original cheap Flagyl:

  • original Flagyl comes only in pills of two dosages – 250mg and 500mg
  • the pills of 250mg are round and pills of 500mg are of oval shape
  • the pills are blue and film coated
  • pills feature inscription on each side: on one side you will discover an indication of a dosage of Metronidazole contained in each pill, on the other side you will see an inscription of a developer of the drug.

Mind that if you are offered Flagyl in other dosages, in pills of different colour and shape, then we must warn you that it can be a fake drug. As Pfizer online research has proved, faked drugs commonly contain anything else but not a key treating ingredient. Chances are that the faked pills of Flagyl will not contain Metronidazole. Moreover such cheap Flagyl may contain ingredients harmful for your health.

To avoid risks for your health, please, buy cheap Flagyl only from reputable online drug stores keeping strictly to the algorithm we have provided in this review.

#3 buy generic Flagyl Metronidazole

Original Flagyl produced by Pfizer has Metronidazole as its key ingredient. You can sufficiently save costs if you choose Metronidazole than Flagyl. Many companies which are not as known and which do not invest as much in research as Pfizer, commonly produce and sell Metronidazole at a much lower price. Metronidazole is the same effective and the same safe drug. Mind that cheap Flagyl (Metronidazole) does not cause severer side effects than branded one. That is why you can buy and take this drug safely.

If you need cheap treatment for bacterial vaginosis then mind that this infectious disease requires treatment of both partners otherwise you will get into infinite cycle of getting infection come back right after you stop the treatment as your partner will infect you with the next portion of bacteria or protozoa during the next close contact if the partner is untreated.

Many patients try to adjust and custom treatment to their lifestyle and preferences. They lower dosages of the drug to consume alcohol during treatment, they violate the dosage to get recovered faster. All of these cases lead to misuse of the drug. Overuse will only cause side effects but not fast recovery. Moreover you will use more of the drug than is needed to get recovered.